Complete shop drawings, fabrication, transportation and erection.

Shop Drawings (made with Tekla and AutoCAD)

Noticeably friendly and detail-oriented customer service begins at the outset of the project. We help ensure that there is a clear understanding of objectives by all stakeholders so that resulting drawings and plans properly reflect expected outcomes. Production path choices, timelines and benchmarks are made with the kind of level-headed pragmatism that only comes with deep experience.


Before the first piece of steel is cut it becomes apparent how the economic and qualitative value of robotic plasma cutting technology will extend throughout the life of the project. No more drill lines, saws, copers, angle or clip machines and connection plate machines. Production steps are replaced by freedom in design and confidence in the final outcomes.

Transportation, Crane and Boom Truck Services, for flawless project erection

Not only are we “cutting edge” fabricators, we will ensure prompt and careful delivery to your job site, or as in the case of millwright and maintenance service, to your existing industrial facility. As soon as your creation is ready for assembly in the real world, we’ll have the transportation, cranes and boom truck professionals in place to put components exactly where they belong.

Full industrial millwright and maintenance services.

When the success of your business is built around what your industrial machinery can produce for you, the value of each and every production day is enormous. At South Central Industrial, we understand how critical it can be to have an effective millwright service at your beck and call.

When the unexpected does happen, our quick response time and plan of action will help minimize the impact on your operations.

Just as important, our experienced millwrights are ready to help prevent downtime with custom-designed maintenance service programs.

Call us first when you’re considering machinery rebuilds, upgrades, replacement, relocation or shutdown.