Oshawa Airport Control Tower

Shop drawings for this project as well as the steel that was fabricated for this project were both done in-house. The equipment was transported with the crew to the project site in Oshawa where it was erected. The project itself took place over the course of January 2017 to April 2017.

Pitt Meadows

This project was fabricated in-house and involved the transport of our crew and equipment across Canada (as this project is located in British Columbia) where the tower was erected. In total, this project took about 7 weeks to complete during the summer of 2017.

Pearson Airport Training Facility

AutoCAD drawings for the Pearson Airport Training Facility were drawn in-house. The project was fabricated in-house as well. The equipment and crew were then transported to the project site to finish the installation. This project was completed during the winter of 2016.

Vann Advertising

Custom shop drawings, as well as custom fabrication were done for this project. The project was then transported to its destination on Hwy 20 in Thorold to be installed. Similarly, another sign was installed right beside the QEW in St. Catharines using the same method.

Horizon Utilities

Shop drawings for this project were created in house. Being located on John St. in Hamilton, the drawings for this project had to stay within the strict parameters of the historical building design. The stainless steel used for this project was fabricated in-house, where it was then transported to the Hamilton location for careful installation.

Internet Tower

This internet tower erection took place in the town of Smithville during the winter of 2017. Shop drawings and materials fabrication were all efficiently taken care of by our in-house team before being transported to the project site to be installed