About Us

Innovation with integrity in metal fabrication and erection

It’s not just about being cost-effective in our line of work, it’s about your experience working with us at South Central Industrial.

Across a wide range of services related to millwrighting, metal fabrication and erection, you will appreciate our underlying dedication to helping you achieve your goals with a clear mutual understanding of the process involved. Innovation with integrity is simply how we do things. It’s a difference in customer service you’ll quickly notice, and one that won’t fade when your project has longer time frames.

The future is here with the proven PythonX beam line

Our robotic plasma cutting system for structural steel dramatically cuts the cost of production. Drill lines, saws, copers, angle or clip machines and connection plate machines are no longer needed. Everything is done faster, with less waste and fewer mistakes. It’s a game changer that few companies offer.

Sincere, honest relationships never go out of style

When you’ve been in business for 25 years, you know the enduring value of an honest commitment to quality manufacturing and service. We know it’s good for business.

Your single source provider

From design, through to fabrication and erection, including project-based or ongoing millwright services, your strong relationship with the South Central Industrial team pays benefits.

We stand behind our work, and you can rest easy even with more complex projects because your point of contact remains the same.